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Buy Telegram targeted members is one of the best ways to increase channel and group members. We all know that people are more likely to trust the channel and the groups with the more subscribers. Adby group, as the most specialized telegram service provider, is proud to provide their users with real telegram members of fake members. You can promote your Telegram channel or group only by some clicks!

Real Telegram Members

Buy Real Telegram Members in Adby is completely real and will add members in force add method. This method is completely different from fake members or pop up members and we highly recommend this method for developing your own business in Telegram and you will get the credit for your Telegram channel or group.

When you promote group member, your group's will be crowded and you have to control them, and if you have good service for them, it can be a good help to your telegram group. You can order the desired amount of members. In this way, due to the forced entry of users into your group, drops are more than other methods and they can left to 50% over time.

Fake Telegram Members

Adby team uses modern and active methods that the telegram cannot identify to increase the channel's members. In this way, people will actually earn points for joining your channel membership, in last methods for fake Telegram members (virtual numbers) telegram will sometimes identify fake users in the early hours and will remove them.

It is currently the best and most complete way to increase the fake channel members , and other methods have been identified and abolished by Telegram.

Buy Telegram Post Views

Buying Telegram Views can dramatically increase the credibility as well as the trust of your customers and members towards your channel. If you are going to have most popular channel with lots of subscribers, you need to pay attention this point.

With this package you can increase your channel popularity rather than other channels.

Buy automatic channel views

Yes its true! In this service we automatically add views to your channel posts. Auto view is the one most popular services in Adby.

Telegram Targeted Group Members

Buy Telegram targeted members ! 100% Real crypto members For groups. [You can choose your Target group, we will add those users to your group or if you don’t have anything in mind, we will choose the best targets for you]. We will not add fake or bot members at all! All the members are real Bitcoin investors, BTC traders & Bitcoin holders.

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